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Weird Facts About The World Of Promotional Products

Weird Facts About The World Of Promotional Products
Weird Facts About The World Of Promotional Products

Love them or hate them, promotional products are all around us. From compressed tote bags to promotional t-shirts, promotions have become a part of our daily lives, especially in retail situations.

It’s hard to imagine your life without some of these branded products, but there’s still a lot you may not know about the industry. Here are a few crazy facts about promotional products that just might make you look at all of those promotional tote bags and t-shirts differently.

80% of consumers own a promotional product
While this one isn’t hard to believe, that’s still accounting for a huge number of people. Approximately 95% of Americans wear t-shirts, but a good chunk of those t-shirts just might be promotional products.

Bags generate more impressions than shirts
Believe it or not, compressed tote bags are some of the most effective promotional products out there today. When you carry around a big bag, more people are likely to notice it over the shirt that you’re wearing. Not to mention, shirts can be covered by jackets and sweaters.

The first promotional products were buttons
With screen printing a long way off, promotional buttons were the way to go, dating all the way back to 1789. In fact, these buttons were issued when George Washington was elected President. Not only is he the father of America, but also possibly the father of promotional buttons.

Customers really like promotional products
According to a consumer survey, almost half of consumers would like to receive more promotional products. Whether that is a result of loving free stuff or actually wanting to support a business, however, is unclear.

Educational facilities buy a lot of promotional products
The top five industries that purchase promotional products are clients in education, finance, not-for-profit, healthcare, and construction. It’s a bit strange not to see retailers on that list, but these organizations utilize promotional products in a variety of ways.

Promotional products have become a part of retail society, and while they’re not going anywhere, these facts certainly prove that there’s more than meets the eye in a promotional product.

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