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How Should My T-Shirt Fit?
How Should My T-Shirt Fit?

How a T-shirt fit often feels like a big mystery. Someone with a small frame wearing a loose shirt will sometimes look too baggy. On the other hand, a husky-built person wearing a small shirt will look out of proportion and uncomfortable. But wear a nice-fitting shirt and you suddenly look like your favorite Hollywood star. It makes you look fitter, slimmer, and way, way better. This is why knowing the basics of t-shirt fitting is essential in helping to look your best.

Finding the Perfect T-Shirt Fit

T-shirts are classic wardrobe staples for both men and women regardless of age. These are very versatile and comfortable pieces of clothing that you can wear whatever the season is. However, getting the right fit is trickier than you think. Knowing the shape of your body and your own size is not sufficient. First, brands create their sizes differently. A medium size for one brand can be another's large size. So, if you are lucky enough to find the right-fitting shirt from a specific brand, commit to that brand and purchase all your shirts from there.

Come to think about this - you only need a few nice shirts that fit. An ill-fitting shirt will still look terrible no matter how expensive its price tag is. Here are some tips to bag the perfect t-shirt fit for you:

Crew Neck. We highly recommend going for crew neck. It should sit at the base of your neck with only an inch or two as allowance. When your collar bones are showing, drop the shirt and choose another size. It simply means that is too loose for you.

Shoulder Seam on Acromion Bone. Shoulders shouldn't be too wide when picking a shirt. We suggest that you locate where your shoulder ends and your arm begin. This is called the acromion bone. The shoulder seam of your chosen shirt should extend far from here or it will already be too big for you.

Length and Width of the Sleeves. You don't need to grab a tape measure to get the right length and width of the perfect t-shirt for you. Just know where your biceps are making sure that the length of the sleeves don't go beyond them. Sleeves that are too close to your elbow will make your arms look shorter. When it comes to the width, the sleeves should not be like your workout compression shirt. They should fit closely around your arms but not restrictive so you can move comfortably.

Slim-fit Torso. The torso comprises the arms, chest, the tummy, and the hips. A fitted look is what you should aim for. This shouldn't be too tight or too loose. The perfect fit allows you to pinch 2-3 inches of the cloth in either side of your shirt. Beneath or beyond this is either tight or loose.

Hem Length. Those who are tall or obese find it hard to get the right t-shirt length. Ideally though, the length of the perfect t-shirt fit should be 2 inches down your belt or until mid-fly.

Get the Perfect T-Shirt Fit

The first instinct upon reading this post is for you to audit your current t-shirt collection. Knowing the characteristics of the perfect t-shirt fit is the first step to looking great on it. Do your shirts fit? If not all, it is never too late. We source all major brands . Contact a Tee Compressed rep today to talk about the right fit for your giveaway!

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