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Customizing Your Insert Card

Customizing Your Insert Card
Customizing Your Insert Card

The insert card is the visual that you see when the t-shirt is compressed. It is placed on top of the compressed shirt and shrink wrapped. This uniquely shaped 100# gloss coated paper is digitally printed with your full color artwork. When you place your order with Tee Compressed, there are a couple of ways to go about customizing your insert card.

Option one, you can create the insert card from scratch. We can send you the blank template of the shape you are ordering. The insert can be become as complex or understated as your design team wants it to be. Some clients use their company color as the back drop and then add their logo. Others make the insert card the same color as the shirt (i.e. black back ground with a black shirt). This really unifies the look of the compressed t-shirt and makes the text or logo pop off the insert card. API did just this. https://tshirtcompressed.com/pages/api-dc-experts-case-study

Option two, when ordering a shape, clients often want the stock art that fits the shape and gives it the definition it needs to look like a car, race horse, etc. There are hundreds of stock shapes that we offer with the stock artwork. You can use this stock art and add your information. Or take it a step further by changing the stock artwork colors. For instance, the race horse shape jersey can be changed to a color that better suits your company logo. You can update the number too. If you are celebrating 25 years of business, change the jersey to #25!

Customizing Your Insert Card

Here are some tips on how to update the stock artwork that we provide.

If updating the artwork is not something that your company can handle or just doesn’t have the time, you can always submit your artwork to us with the updates to the stock artwork that you would like to see and we would be happy to do it. A virtual proof is always presented as part of the production process so you will give full approval before moving forward.

Where is the size of the shirt printed? The shirt size is printed discretely at the bottom of the insert card.
Can I use more than 1 insert card? You can use a top and a bottom insert card for maximum effect.

Are there wash and wear instructions included? We don’t typically include instructions but you can utilize the 2nd insert card for this purpose. Here is a ready to go example. You can replace our Tee Compressed logo with your own.

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