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Promotional Compressed T-Shirts for the Healthcare Industry
Promotional Compressed T-Shirts for the Healthcare Industry

There are a bunch of available promotional materials for the healthcare industry. Think about traditional giveaways like water bottles, pens, keychains, and mugs. All these can boost brand exposure. However, there is an increasing clamor for unique promotional materials such as compressed t-shirts!

What Are Compressed T-Shirts?

Compressed t-shirts are fun and cost-effective promotional giveaways. As the name implies, the shirts are compressed into a compact shape following the imprinted design. These are perfect promotional products for launches, anniversaries, outreach programs, company parties, and more. Hospitals, health clinics, doctors, dentists, optometrists, and other businesses operating under the healthcare industry can certainly take advantage of handing out compressed t-shirts as keepsakes for their clients, staffs, and stakeholders.

Why Choose Compressed T-Shirts for Giveaways

Sure, you can go for the above-mentioned traditional promo materials, but choosing compressed shirts is a smarter decision. Here are some reasons:

1. They are unique and exciting
Everyone is expecting the old-school giveaways, so why not surprise your recipients with something new? Imagine the awe on their faces when they receive a custom shape compressed shirt. They won’t have any idea what you are handing them especially if you had the compressed shirts individually wrapped in a transparent plastic.

2. They are compact
Compressed shirts fit in the palm of your hand so everyone can show theirs off for that Insta-worthy photo op. Their entire social media friends will surely be curious about what they're holding. This means free promotion on your end.

3. They are unisex
You will eliminate the worry of giving separate keepsakes for men and women because compressed shirts are unisex. You save time and energy thinking about the perfect giveaway.

4. They are easy to distribute and ship
Since compressed shirts are so handy. With the shirt size marked on the insert card, it’s no sweat distributing them to the crowd during trade shows, conventions, parties, or anniversaries. You can even have these shipped to your clients and stakeholders located on the other side of the world.

Compressed T-Shirt Shape Ideas for the Healthcare Industry

Your creativity is the limit when it comes to the shape that you want your compressed shirt orders to be molded in. We, at Tee Compressed, are after our customer's satisfaction. The shirts are compressed in our facility to ensure optimum quality.

To kick start Healthcare ideas, here are some recommended shapes that fit your brand:

1. Syringe
2. Tooth
3. Thermometer
4. Eyeglasses
5. Heart
6. Pill
7. Band Aid
8. Dextrose
9. Blood Drop
10. Prescription Icon

No matter what shape you choose, we customize the insert card with your supplied artwork. Often times your business name and logo is dropped on the stock artwork.

Inquire Now about Our Custom Compressed T-Shirts

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