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How To Turn A T-Shirt Into A Tiny Guitar!

How To Turn A T-Shirt Into A Tiny Guitar!
How To Turn A T-Shirt Into A Tiny Guitar!

Almost 95% of Americans wear t-shirts, but it’s not likely that many of them know how to turn a t-shirt into a teeny, tiny guitar. It might not be fully functional, but it will definitely look cool. Fortunately, we’re willing to share the knowledge! So if you want to know how ordinary, screen printed promotional t-shirts can be turned into guitars, keep reading.

Step One: Screen Printing
First, you need something to fold. It could be a custom promotional tote bag, some promotional towels, or a good old fashioned t-shirt. Once you’ve acquired that, you’ll need a cool, screen printed design on it. Before you go about hiring just any screen printing service, make sure they know what they’re doing! A good screen printing company should be able to provide you with samples, references, and creative input. Now, onto step two.

Step Two: Pick a Shape
Before you start turning your t-shirt or towel into anything other than what it is, you need to pick a shape. If you’re working with our team at Tee Compressed, you’ll have practically limitless options for you to choose from. Whether it’s one of our 800 available stock shapes or one that we’ve completely customized for you, rest assured your product will be in good hands.

Step Three: Compression
After you’ve created a stunning t-shirt and selected your shape, it’s time to get compressed! Contrary to popular belief, compressed towels and t-shirts aren’t for loading up a t-shirt cannon. Instead, they’re compressed under huge amounts of pressure to conform to the shape that you’ve selected. In doing this, we create a truly one of a kind promotional product for you.

So in reality, turning an ordinary t-shirt into a guitar isn’t some sort of magic trick. It’s a process that ends up creating a unique product based on your business and your interests. Whether it’s compressed towels, tote bags, or t-shirts you want, we have the tools for the job.

There’s a world of possibilities out there for you to explore. If you want one of a kind promotional products that speak to your business, Tee Compressed has you covered all the way.

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