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Tired Of T-Shirts? Here Are A Few Other Promotional Products To Try Th

Tired Of T-Shirts? Here Are A Few Other Promotional Products To Try This Fall
Tired Of T-Shirts? Here Are A Few Other Promotional Products To Try This Fall

The weather might be getting a little cooler soon, but that doesn’t mean your promotional products should chill out, too. If anything, the changing season is a great time to spice up your promotional gear.

Summer is great for promotional t-shirts and beach towels, but 70% of men in America own more than 10 t-shirts already. If you’re still looking to put that screen printing design to good use, here are a few great promotional products to try for the fall.

Long-Sleeved Shirts

The simplest transition to make, of course, is to the long-sleeved shirt. This way, the only change you’ll be making is the type of shirt you’ll be ordering from t-shirt printing services.

Custom Coffee and Soup Mugs

Autumn is soup season, no matter where you’re from. And what better way to eat soup than out of a great big mug? Whether you’re marketing coffee mugs or soup mugs, a warm drink is always welcome in the fall, which means your mugs will be, too.

Blanket Carrier

While a promotional tote bag never goes out of style, blankets don’t necessarily get thrown in there on a camping trip. Instead, most people roll their blankets for easy transportation. Providing a cylindrical bag for blanket or sleeping bag rolling is a great way to get your logo on an item that will be used all season long for road trips and camping.


Unless you’re not a fan of hat hair, embroidery or screen printing on a comfy beanie is a great way to promote your business. Especially at the start of autumn, people are looking for hats, scarves, and other cozy items to help keep them warm later in the season. This is a great switch for fall, especially if you’ve been marketing baseball caps during the summer.

Summer is the time for screen printing on promotional towels, but now that the season is done, switching your thoughts to cozier items could prove beneficial to your business. Autumn is a season of change, and changing up your promotional items could be the little boost your business needs to make the seasonal transition smoothly.

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