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The Anatomy Of A Successful Promotional T Shirt

The Anatomy Of A Successful Promotional T Shirt
The Anatomy Of A Successful Promotional T Shirt

Promotional t shirts can be incredibly useful tools for advertising. In fact, 95% of individuals in the United States wear t shirts, which means that if you’re selling or giving away a promotional t shirt, odds are someone is going to wear it.

However, that doesn’t mean that all promotional t-shirts are good t-shirts. It takes a little bit more than a catchy design to create quality t shirts for printing.

A Winning Formula for High Quality Promotional T-Shirts


In the past, companies often favored the “one size fits all” mentality, literally. But the truth is that one size does not, in fact, fit all. Large, baggy promo t shirts aren’t going to end up being worn out in the daylight. Instead, they’ll end up at the back of a pajama drawer. In order to avoid this, create custom shirts in a variety of actual human sizes to cater to a diverse customer base.


While cotton is a classic, it’s not the only material out there, nor is it the best. A cotton/polyester blend is often a better idea, because it provides softness and is resistant to shrinking, but other fabrics may work just as well. If you cater to athletic teams, perhaps a stretchy, breathable fabric would be best.

Don’t limit yourself to cotton t shirts!


It may not be the only element of promotional t-shirts, but it certainly is the most important. When designing custom compressed t shirts, it’s important to create a design that captures your company, but isn’t too flashy or gaudy. If your company logo has a color scheme, stick with it for your promotional t shirts. Not only does it create a sense of unity, it will remind customers of your company every time they see it.

Use a Quality Screen Printing Service

The biggest mistake you can make with promotional tote bags, t shirts, or any other item is to send it to a company whose screen printing is sub-par. About 70% of men in America own more than 10 t-shirts, and the ones they keep are the ones that last. Without a quality screen printing service, either those shirts wear out too quickly or your logo washes right off in the laundry.

Approximately 90% of adults own a t shirt they refuse to give away for sentimental reasons, but there are just as many who keep shirts for their quality design! Whether you’re creating promotional gifts for customers or the company dodgeball team, these simple gifts are always a popular choice.

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