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Spring Shopping: A Few Promotional Items You Need To Consider For The

Spring Shopping: A Few Promotional Items You Need To Consider For The Coming Season
Spring Shopping: A Few Promotional Items You Need To Consider For The Coming Season

Spring hasn’t sprung just yet, but that doesn’t mean the warmer season isn’t on its way. So while the promotional hoodies and beanies might have been great for the cooler months, it’s time to start thinking about spring.

Promotional t-shirts are good year-round, but what about the rest of your promotional items? Spring is the perfect time to change it up and do a little bit of spring cleaning to tidy up your selection of promotional material. Here are just a few things you might want to include this upcoming season.

Water Bottles
Travel mugs are great for the cooler months, but when it gets warmer and sunnier outside, you should be thinking about hydration and cold drinks. Water bottles are the perfect way to promote your business and keep your customers hydrated and healthy! Not to mention reusable water bottles are much more sustainable than their disposable counterparts.

Promotional Tote Bags
Custom promotional tote bags are perfect for spring and summer because they make excellent beach bags. People going on picnics or a short day trip are going to want a simple bag to help keep all of their belongings organized, and what better way to do that than with a promotional tote?

Custom Promotional Towels
In that same vein, beach season is rapidly approaching. Whether your customers are headed for the beach or the pool, a promotional towel is always a great way to get your brand out there. People flock to beaches and public swimming areas during the warmer months, which means your custom towel will definitely be seen far and wide during the spring and summer.

Custom Cup Cozies
If there’s one thing people love about spring and summer, it’s the opportunity to have a cold drink outside. But without a drink cozy, it’s hard to get a drink to stay cold. This is not only a great promotional item, it’s a useful one for your customers. And the more they use it, the more exposure your brand will have.

So keep the promotional t-shirts coming, but don’t forget that 70% of men in the U.S. already own more than 10. Don’t hesitate to get creative!

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