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Popular Screen Printing Projects In The Wide World Of T Shirts (And Be

Popular Screen Printing Projects In The Wide World Of T Shirts (And Beyond)
Popular Screen Printing Projects In The Wide World Of T Shirts (And Beyond)

promotional t shirtsIn the United States today, 70% of men and 54% of women own more than 10 t shirts. Think about it. As you’re reading this, imagine what your dresser drawer looks like. We’re willing to bet that if you went through it right now, you find some promotional t shirts you haven’t seen in years.

Where do they all come from and how do we get so many? It’s not even just t shirts. Custom promotional towels, koozies, hoodies, you name it: we have several of each. Because screen printing is such an easy, inexpensive process, promotional t shirts — and everything in between — are seen just about everywhere.

Among the promotional screen printing we’ve come to acquire over the years, what are some of the most common?

Recreational Sports Leagues

Recreational sports leagues have been popular screen printing customers for years now. From that little league shirt you got when you were seven years old to the beer league softball shirts you wear every Wednesday night, recreational sports leagues are promotional t shirt royalty. Next time you’re on a rec team of some sort, think about how you can make your shirts the most eye-catching out there.

School Spirit Shirts

Whether it’s high school homecoming, college alumni weekend, or your fraternity’s or sorority’s rush week, countless students are getting those t shirts ready. School spirit from our earliest ages into early adulthood is plastered all over promo t shirts everywhere. These shirt designs are often recognized for years to come and some of the oldest ones have a place in the coveted vintage collegiate fashion arena.

That Odd Event Someone Made T Shirts For

Bachelor and bachelorette parties popularly have t shirts made for the event. Whether they’re cute and classy or bawdy jerseys made specifically for revelry, they’re excellent mementos that are on the rise. Want to remember doing something with a group of friends? Get clever and have some shirts made.

These merely touched a blip of all the things screen printing is responsible for, but when you’re looking through your dresser and stumble across that college shirt you haven’t worn in years or that high school hoodie, we hope it makes you smile.

Have a screen printing idea for your team, school, or event? We’d be happy to help make your custom t shirt dreams a reality.

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