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Need An Inexpensive Marketing Tool? Try Custom Printed T-Shirts

Need An Inexpensive Marketing Tool? Try Custom Printed T-Shirts
Need An Inexpensive Marketing Tool? Try Custom Printed T-Shirts

If you’ve been brainstorming creative promotional ideas, promotional t-shirts, custom promotional towels, or a cute promotional tote bag are always good options. People are often willing to buy an item they can wear or that serves a functional purpose if they appreciate the design or the logo. The more people that wear or use items with your company brand or logo, the higher the chance that your company will be seen by a high number of people. Companies are seeing the benefit of promotional material — everyone loves a free gadget or item of clothing! Indeed, the promotional industry revenue in the United States went up by a little over 4% in 2011, up to $18.5 billion. If you’re interested in putting out something like custom promotional towels or promo t shirts, you can use a t shirt printing service or a similar company to get the look you want. This kind of promotional tactic is great, because generally when ordering, the more you purchase, the more you save.

Why are T-Shirts So Effective?
Between 2009 to 2014, the T-shirt industry increased by over 24%. This is unsurprising, considering that around 95% of Americans wear T-shirts. Nine out of every 10 Americans have at least one T-shirt that they absolutely can’t get rid of, due to sentimental value. The most popular material for T-shirts (including promotional T-shirts) is cotton. About 29 million tons of cotton get produced a year — that’s enough for 29 T-shirts for everyone in the world!

About 70% of men and just over 50% of women in America today have more than 10 T-shirts, which makes them an easy sell or giveaway as a promotional tool. Using screen printing services or other custom printing services makes it easy to promote your brand on a T-shirt.

Why Do Custom Promotional Towels?
Everyone will need a beach towel or bath towel at some point and promotional towels can be a handy, extra item to keep in the car or in the closet, should the need arise. If someone grabs it to bring to the beach, you then have the views of all the beachgoers that pass by that person’s towel, who are noticing your brand or logo. Many times, signs, logos, or brands that we walk by tend to stick with us and we may remember when we need those services or goods next time.

They’re also a fun, useful item. Beach towels especially, are usually quite colorful, and fairly lightweight, so they’re less expensive to order. People are generally drawn towards free items that they can use later — and if it’s an item that they can receive after spending a certain amount of money, they’re more likely to spend the amount if the item is something that they truly want or need.

What are Prices Like for Promotional Printing?
It depends on the quality of the items you’re ordering and where you’re getting them from. You can purchase bulk items online for quite cheap at wholesale retailers and then have them specially printed using a different service — think mugs, keychains, flashlights, etc. If you’re doing apparel, many custom printing services specialize in T-shirts and you may be able to purchase the T-shirts and the custom printing all at once.

The amount does tend to get less expensive if you purchase in bulk. One hundred T-shirts is going to be more expensive than ordering say, 1,000. The least expensive range for custom T-shirts per shirts can often be between $1.50 and $3.50, but depending on what you want done, can be more expensive. Some services, for example, may charge per letter or per word, or charge extra for added colors or backgrounds.

Whether you’re ordering custom promotional towels, T-shirts, mugs, or hats, looking into custom printing services is always a good idea as a promotional tactic. They’re fun, relatively inexpensive to give away or offer as a bonus item, and can help net you more exposure and hopefully increased sales.

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