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It’s All In The Packaging – The Differences Between A Screen Printed &

It’s All In The Packaging – The Differences Between A Screen Printed & Compressed T-Shirt
It’s All In The Packaging – The Differences Between A Screen Printed & Compressed T-Shirt

We often get the question, “what is the difference between a screen printed t-shirt and a compressed t-shirt?”

Let’s explore this question.

A screen printed shirt is a t-shirt that has a design imprinted on a location of the shirt. We imprint the artwork on the shirt with plastisol ink or with our Digital Printers. The shirt can be printed in 4 standard locations- front- center chest, full front, or left chest, on the back, or either sleeve.

screen printed tshirts versus compressed t-shirt promotionsIt can also be printed uniquely to boost the look of the artwork by printing on the nape, bottom corner of the shirt, or vertically down the shirt. The placement and size of the imprint affects the overall look of the screen printed shirt. More conservative looks are commonly printed on the left chest and full back. Trendier or bolder looks are done around the side seam or in all over prints. Your audience really dictates how you print the shirts. You must consider that the ultimate goal of the screen printed shirt is to have it worn. This is the marketing value of the shirt. Therefore choose a screen print design and placement that is appropriate for your audience. The shirts are bulk packed by size and shipped to you.

A compressed t-shirt starts with screen printing. All considerations noted above apply. After the shirt is screen printed it is compressed into a shape. A full color insert card dye cut into the shape is laid on top of the screen printed shirt and then it’s all shrink wrapped.

The compressed t-shirt takes the standard screen printed shirt to the next level in a few ways.

1.) The WOW factor is multiplied ten fold. When the compressed t-shirt is handed to the recipient the impact is felt in the resounding question, “this is a shirt?” The recipient often times cannot believe that a full adult/youth t-shirt is inside the shrink wrap. This makes it more memorable and something for them to look forward to opening up and seeing once they are home with this promotional product.

2.) The marketing is elevated with the use of the insert card. The 100# gloss coated paper insert card is printed with your customer supplied artwork. It can be printed with artwork that is different or the same as what is on your shirt. Your event or use of the shirt is what guides your insert card printing. If it’s a POP usually the shirt artwork and details of the product are printed on the insert. If you are promoting your company, typically the company logo, website, and contact information is printed. Or if you are boosting a new product the product image is printed on the insert and the shape of the compressed t-shirt is in the shape of your product.

3.) The cost is slightly more for the compressed t-shirt. The process of compressing the shirt with the insert card and shrink wrapping involved make the compressed t-shirt a higher investment than the standard screen printed t-shirt. However it is nominal when you consider the impact that it gives.

4.) The compressed t-shirt is easier to travel with and keep organized. We print and pack the shirts by shirt size. This keeps them organized. The shrink wrap also keeps the t-shirt cleaner.

Both the screen printed shirt and a compressed shirt are a high value promotional product. Differentiate your company by using a compressed t-shirt for your next promotional giveaway!

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