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Important Tips To Help Make Your Art Ready For Promotional T-Shirts

Important Tips To Help Make Your Art Ready For Promotional T-Shirts
Important Tips To Help Make Your Art Ready For Promotional T-Shirts

From 2009 to 2014, the t-shirt industry grew more than 24.2% and has continued to grow since then. Despite this massive growth, there are still some bad promotional t-shirts our there. If you’re ready to take your screen printing designs to the next level and end the reign of poorly designed custom compressed t-shirts, keep reading.

The first step in t-shirt printing services is the design. Without a good design, there are no good promotional t-shirts. Here, we offer a few helpful tips to make your design easier to transfer from paper to t-shirt.

Use PMS Colors

Most artists work with RGB and CMYK color palettes, but designing prints for promotional tote bags and t-shirts is a little bit different. PMS color palettes allow for easier and more accurate color separations when transferring art from page to shirt. In addition, a printer should never charge you more for PMS coloring because you are, in fact, doing them a favor by using a more compatible palette for your designs.

Convert your Text

The worst possible thing you can see on promotional towels or shirts of your design is a substituted font. If you have a specialty font on your design, you should convert the text to an outline. This will effectively turn the text into an image that can’t be changed by the printer.

Work to Scale

If you want your custom art to look great on a screen printed t-shirt, you need to create it to size. Creating a smaller design can lead to blurriness and more errors when it’s getting enlarged. As a result, your art might not look the way you actually intended.

Keep it Simple

Unless you have an amazing relationship with your screen printing service and you trust them to do a complex design justice, you should keep your art bold and simple. In fact, these simplistic designs are often the ones that become the most iconic and sought out.

These are just a few tips that should make transferring your artwork from a page to a shirt a little bit easier on you and your screen printing service! There’s no doubt that using these tips will lead to some amazing promotional t-shirts.

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