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How To Create The Best Logo For Your Band

How To Create The Best Logo For Your Band
How To Create The Best Logo For Your Band

When you want to promote a band, business, product or service, the most important aspect is designing a logo that has the perfect balance of simplicity and memorability. This often involves a lot of trial and error, because the logo should also be easily recognizable while clearly displaying the overview of your product or service. Band logos are especially difficult — how do you accurately convey what genre your band is through a simple logo? It can certainly be frustrating, but it’s necessary if you want to promote your band. Your band logo will be printed on things like custom compressed t shirts, compressed tote bags, CDs, and other general screen printing services. In fact, the revenues of the US promotional products industry increased by 4.4% to $18.5 billion in 2011. That’s why you should take your time developing a logo that’s 100% unique. If you’re struggling to design a logo for your band that’s creative, informative, and relevant, here are some tips to try.

First, it’s important to get the pencil moving as fast as possible. Draw sketch after sketch of sample logos. This helps get the creative juices flowing and helps you gain understanding of the type of logo you’re looking for. The more practice sketches you can complete during this period, the better. Don’t hold back — anything you draw will make it easier to narrow down the specifics later on. You can take what you like about one sketch and add it to another part of a different sketch — the possibilities are truly endless.

After you’re done with sketches, narrow it down to one sketch or a few sketches you really like. Then, draw as many variations of those sketches as you possibly can. What may seem like minor tweaks could actually be the difference between a good logo and a bad or boring logo. Again, don’t hold back. This is a critical step of the logo designing process.

Finally, when you feel as though you’ve gone through the trial-and-error process enough times, turn to social media. Post on any relevant social media and ask your friends for advice. Post the pictures to Facebook and word your questions carefully. While “which logo do you like best” will surely get you solid feedback, asking other relevant questions like, “which logo are your eyes most drawn to?” or, “which logo caught your attention the fastest?” can also be good measurements for logo creativity and captivation.

Overall, have fun with the logo design process. Remember, this logo will be the face of your band. Custom compressed t shirts, compressed tote bags, compressed towels, and any other screen printing memorabilia will have your logo on it. Take your time in the logo development and design process, and most of all, have fun.

If you have any questions regarding custom compressed t shirts, towels, tote bags or any other screen printing services, don’t hesitate to contact a professional.

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