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How Screen Printed T Shirts Can Help Your Business Thrive

How Screen Printed T Shirts Can Help Your Business Thrive
How Screen Printed T Shirts Can Help Your Business Thrive

Custom print tees and promoting your business goes together the same way macaroni pairs with cheese; in other words, you just do it. While digital marketing is an important part of building brand recognition and loyalty, it’s important to avoid neglecting traditional means of advertising as well. Custom designed tee shirts have and always been in style, and they’re an excellent way to support and reinforce your online marketing efforts.

Custom designed tee shirt companies offer a variety of promotional merchandise aside from traditional items — they can offer not just promotional tshirts, but also reusable tote and duffle bags, or personalized jackets that can be used in conjunction with quality printed t shirts.

However, the best part about custom designed tee shirts is the design, of course! This is what will not only draw in your target audience, but keep them coming back time and time again. Custom t shirts have become extremely popular, with developers capitalizing off this trend and creating apps that allow users to create custom designs in minutes.

Despite the advent of these mobile apps, it’s best to work with a professional t shirt printing service in order to create a quality product for your business. In order to create the best, most unique design possible, you may want to consider screen printing.

Both screen printing — also known as silk screening — and digital printing involve transferring a design onto a t shirt; however, screen printing is a bit more traditional and involves a step-by-step process. This often yields results that are less cookie-cutter but more unique.

The screen printing process involves transferring the design onto a shirt by using a stencil and a mesh screen. Ink is pushed through the polyester or silk screen, which then attaches to the shirt in the shape of the design. A complex design that involves many colors will require individual stenciled screens per color.

On the other hand, digital printing is similar to printing on paper, and uses water-based inks and heat to print the design on the shirt in one step. This is a better method for photo reproduction, but both methods are excellent for building your brand and getting noticed.

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