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How Promotional T-Shirts Will Only Benefit You

How Promotional T-Shirts Will Only Benefit You
How Promotional T-Shirts Will Only Benefit You

What do you think the most ubiquitous item of clothing is? Most people’s first thought is blue jeans, but in fact, they are more iconic than anything else. The real most common item of clothes is the classic T-shirt. Indeed, 95% of Americans wear T-shirts. They are versatile, comfy, and cherished. Consider this: nine out of every 10 Americans own at least one T-shirt that they refuse to throw away because of sentimental value. Normally, these t-shirts have a logo or are printed with the promotional material that represents a time in their lives that they want to remember, and the memory is cherished. And inadvertently, they are promoting something.

So, why shouldn’t those beloved t-shirts be helping your marketing campaign? By commissioning an attractive design, whether it is for your business at large or a specific product or event, you will be attracting people to be your personal billboards. It is advertising, but it is also showing your customers that you are willing to design attractive products with them especially in mind.

Another great reason to invest in promotional t-shirts is that they will get your customers excited, because even though 70% of men and 54% of women in America today own more than 10 t-shirts, an additional free one is always more than welcomed. Giveaways and promotional materials are a great way to get people excited about future projects and services.

Make sure to get creative with your promotional materials. People are more likely to use custom promotional tote bags or custom compressed t-shirts if they sport particularly attractive designs. By partnering with a local artist or graphic designer, you are both entering a mutually beneficial relationship wherein you will be able to advertise your business, and they will be able to promote their designs.

Once you have a design, contact t-shirt printing services that specialize in screen printing and make sure to invest in quality materials and inks for printing. Work with your promotional t-shirts printing company to create shirts, are well as other promotional materials like towels, bags, and headbands.

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