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Some Of The Hottest Promotional Item Trends For 2017

Some Of The Hottest Promotional Item Trends For 2017
Some Of The Hottest Promotional Item Trends For 2017

Approximately 95% of Americans wear t-shirts, but that’s not the only promotional item that consumers enjoy. Seasonal favorites include coffee mugs, blankets, and even custom promotional towels.

Wondering what the next big trend is going to be? Wonder no more, because we’ve put together a short list of some of the hottest promotional items lined up for 2017.

Baseball Caps
Baseball caps are pretty standard, but in recent years hipsters have popularized a number of variations on the classic baseball cap. One trend that stands out is the “dad hat.” This hat is an unstructured baseball cap with an adjustable strap in the back. From college kids to actual dads, these hats are making a major comeback in 2017. The new hat trend means that you can market to multiple demographics and most likely see more success with this product in stock. For younger demographics, an alternative would be the hipster-approved 5-panel cap.

Baseball Tees
Promotional t-shirts are great, but all signs point to the half-sleeve baseball tee as the next big trend for promotional products. Consumers are interested in the retro appearance of the shirts, and they’re a comfortable substitute for traditional custom compressed t-shirts.

To be fair, flannel never really goes out of style. But layering is in now more than ever, and flannel can be lightweight or extremely cozy, depending on the thickness of the fabric. Embroidered or even screen printed logos on a breast pocket can be extremely stylish and minimal enough to the point where people will want to wear these items every day.

High-Quality Items
If people are going to keep a promotional item, they want it to be high quality. Whether it’s compressed tote bags, t-shirts, or something else, the quality of the product is one of the most important factors to consider. If a throwaway promotional product falls apart right after you receive it, you probably won’t think very much of the brand it’s promoting. On the other hand, a high-quality product will definitely have customers coming back again and again.

Be it compressed tote bags or dad hats, staying on trend and keeping your products high-quality will save you time, money, and stress in the long run. So the next time you’re wondering which promotional products to order, make sure you’re keeping these specific things in mind.

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