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Five Reasons Promotional Tote Bags Are A Good Idea

Five Reasons Promotional Tote Bags Are A Good Idea
Five Reasons Promotional Tote Bags Are A Good Idea

There are plenty of ways for a company to get its logo and brand out into the world. From promotional t-shirts to promotional towels, it’s probably been done. However, many companies don’t see the benefits of promotional tote bags. While screen printing services usually get all the credit for t-shirts, they don’t talk about tote bags, which could help get your logo out into the world. Why tote bags? Here are five benefits that come with promotional tote bags.

Everyone Loves Free Stuff
As superficial as it may sound, it’s the truth. People love to receive freebies as promotional gifts, and tote bags are no exception. About nine out of every 10 Americans owns a shirt they refuse to throw away because of sentimental value, and the same goes for tote bags.

Raising Awareness
While custom compressed t-shirts can be covered up by a scarf or a sweater, there’s virtually no way to cover up a tote bag. Did you think 95% of Americans wearing t-shirts was a big number? Even more carry bags with them. Whether it’s to the grocery store or to the mall, reusable totes are all the rage.

Totes Are Unique and Memorable
Most people who get free shirts wear them around the house or to exercise. In fact, they probably end up being one of the 10 t-shirts owned by 70% of men that end up in the bottom of the dresser drawer. But tote bags can be carried anywhere and constantly used, providing a reminder of your unique promotion.

Totes Are Economical
Totes are not only popular among consumers, they’re inexpensive for you, the business owner. Tote bags are typically made of canvas and screen printed, which allows you to order large quantities at a relatively low price.

A Vessel for Other Giveaways
Thinking about having a promotional day for all of those little knick-knacks you ordered for your opening last summer? Putting them all in a tote bag not only gives you something to place the items in, it give customers additional memorabilia with your brand on it.

So the next time you’re thinking about creating promotional t-shirts, or even if you have leftovers from your last promotion, think about adding tote bags to the mix. You just may see someone walking about with your tote over their shoulder!

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