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A Shark Life

A Shark Life
A Shark Life

We’ve been obsessed with Shark Week at our house. I have learned a lot about the characteristics of different shark species. We fear and loathe sharks, for good reason, however when you break down the qualities of a shark we can learn and even adapt to be like that of a SHARK! The Great White is most commonly thought of due in part to the cult classic movie Jaws. Below I’ve listed the 10 Deadlist Sharks and their well known qualities, Great White comes in #2 as deadliest. Hopefully, after reading this you’ll be a shark and take a “bite” out of life!

Lemon Shark– Not a predatory shark, however if it feels threatened, watch out it will bite.
You can move forward in life both professionally and personally without being attacking however always protect your best interest, if need be.

Blue Shark– This breed eats until it almost bursts. Feasting on anchovies, mackeral, birds and even the occassional fishing boat.
Indulge but don’t be a glutton. Sometimes it’s good to let loose and say who cares about the repurcusions in eating and other aspects.

Hammerhead Shark– Unique location of eyes may provide them with a better more precise view of their surroundings.
In life, it’s all how you look at things. The viewpoint of one individual can be drastically different from another, varying opinions and visions are what make the world go round.

Sand Tiger Shark– These sharks prefer the shallow waters, but if necessary will dive as deep as 656 feet in their range in areas including Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic Oceans.
We all need to get out of our comfort zone here and there. It is good for growth, learning and prosperity.

Grey Reef Shark– This shark is known for curiosity and investigation, a social species. They like to eat at night but aren’t nocturnal.
The Grey Reef Shark sounds like they like to have a good time, nothing wrong with being like that!!

Shortfin Mako Shark– Known as one of the fastest sharks, this species has been known to houdini themselves out of fishing lines and attack said fisherman. Take note of this strategy, if someone is trying to put a hold on you, let me know that is not okay.

Oceanic Whitetip Shark– These sharks like to swim close to the top of the water and are always prowling for food. They are aggressive when it comes to finding their prey and can cause a “feeding frenzy” in the midst of the feeding.
Nothing wrong with stirring the pot. You should always have your eyes open for what you need (food, career change, new blouse).

Tiger Shark– These sharks don’t discriminate, they will eat almost anything that floats!
Enough said, don’t discriminate.

Great White Shark– These sharks are found worldwide in temperate waters. They have sharp razor like teeth that take chunks out of their prey.
They test the waters all over the planet, they see something they like, they go for it, and try it. Turns out it may not always be what they wanted and so they back off. Much like life lessons, you might try to see if it’s fitting for you.

Bull sharks– The deadliest shark in the water. They like to swim in shallow warm water close to shore where swimmers are. They don’t have the taste and spit out philosophy that the Great White and others maintain. They will rip you to shreds once they get started. Contrary to the Lemon Shark ideal, aggresiveness is sometimes a need, if it’s done within reason. In life go after what you want!

Now I am not saying I will swim with sharks or make them my best friends anytime soon but I can appreciate how they operate. Shark Week, 25 years strong, Discovery Channel

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