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5 Steps To Creating A Successful Promotional Products Campaign

5 Steps To Creating A Successful Promotional Products Campaign
5 Steps To Creating A Successful Promotional Products Campaign

In 2011, U.S. promotional products revenue was just over $18 billion. While the market has increased since then, the process of planning a promotional products campaign hasn’t.

Despite that, there are still a few tips and tricks to getting it just right. If you want to create a super successful promotional products campaign, here’s a short, five-step guide to help you out.

Establish a Clear Goal
Don’t just go into this without thinking. It’s absolutely essential to stop and establish a clear goal before jumping into a full-blown promotional products campaign. Establish your criteria and a plan of attack.

Set a Schedule
This schedule should include everything from the time you spent planning to the time you’ll need to design, order, and market your promotional products. How long will the campaign run? Will one team be responsible for the whole thing? These are things you need a timeline for.

Create a Memorable Message
After all, the purpose of a promotional product is to send a message to your consumers and potential future consumers. Think long and hard about exactly what you want that message to be and incorporate it into both your design and overall campaign.

Select the Right Product
If you run a business near a beach, promotional towels are going to be a big hit. Even promotional tote bags could be a good bet. However, if you’re nowhere near the beach and it’s the middle of winter, you should focus on promotional t shirts, custom screen printing on sweaters, and other warmer items. However, no matter the season, you should always invest in quality t shirts for printing. Choosing the right product for your business could make or break your campaign.

Follow Up!
If you ordered quality t shirts for printing and sent them out to your clients, make sure you call to follow up. But be wary! This shouldn’t be a sales call, it should be to thank a client for their service and to make sure they received your gift.

If you follow these five steps, your promotional product campaign should be off to a great start!

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