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5 Reasons To Get Tee Shirts Custom Made

5 Reasons To Get Tee Shirts Custom Made
5 Reasons To Get Tee Shirts Custom Made

Tee shirts are extremely popular in America, with 70% of men and 54% of women having more than 10 in their closets. And the humble cotton tee is showing no signs of fading in popularity; the tee shirt industry has actually grown by nearly a quarter — 24.2% — in the five years between 2009 and 2014. Of course, some of these tees are sold in regular retail stores. But it’s also extremely easy (and affordable, if you go through an online custom tee shirt maker) to have your own designs printed up in wearable form. Tee shirts custom made for all kinds of events or groups can serve a wide variety of purposes, too. Here are five you should consider:

  1. Marketing
    If you own a business and brand some custom tees, everyone you distribute them to becomes a walking marketing tool — that’s a remarkably low-cost way of getting your name out there. Compressed tees are great as prizes for events, and you can even have them compressed into themed shapes if you’re handing them out at a trade event or conference.
  2. Identification
    If you’re holding an event or are responsible for a group of any kind, getting tee shirts custom made is a great way to bring everyone together and make them immediately identifiable. This makes it easier to identify support or authority figures, as well as keep tabs on everyone who’s supposed to be in a certain place (if you’re taking a group of kids to the zoo, for example).
  3. Creativity
    Getting tee shirts printed gives you a way to showcase either your own art skills or somebody else’s. Consider holding a design contest in advance to get people in or outside your organization even more involved.
  4. Professionalism
    Of course, tee shirts will never have the same feel as button-down or polo shirts — that’s the whole point. But getting shirts from a custom T shirt company signals a level of investment and pre-planning that gives a professional feeling even as you keep it casual.
  5. Sentiment
    Having tee shirts custom made for a special occasion ensures that everyone involved will have a functional memento of the special event. In fact, participants may keep the shirt long after it’s even wearable; nine out of 10 Americans say they have at least one tee shirt they refuse to throw out because of its sentimental value.

What kinds of events might you have tee shirts custom made for? Share your ideas in the comments.

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