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3 Situations When Promotional Items Work Great

3 Situations When Promotional Items Work Great
3 Situations When Promotional Items Work Great

Everyone loves free things. Free t-shirts, free bags, free pens, even. Any free item — however small — can really brighten someone’s day. Promotional items not only put a smile on someone’s face, they also promote your organization for free. In 2011, promotional products in the U.S. increased revenue 4.4% to $18.5 billion. Here are a few situations when promotional tote bags, t-shirts, towels, and other items are great for free giveaways.

Office Parties

Most employees already have access to many promotional items like office pens, keychains, and coasters. All of which can be great exposure for your company, but it’s much better to personally deliver these promotional items to them. As a business owner, giving an employee a promotional tote bag or a nice office t-shirt will give you a chance to show them that their hard work is paying off and they are being appreciated. Along with getting the promotional item into the world, this will make your employee happier and subsequently boost company morale and production.

Appearances and Random Giveaways

Simply setting up a booth at a trade show, job fair, or your public market will provide you with a chance to increase your company exposure and give out promotional items. Creating custom compressed t-shirts to be handed out in your local town is a great way to improve your marketing strategy. People love cool t-shirts and having your customers wear your company logo is great advertising and a conversation starter. Consult with professional t-shirt printing services to get the best quality promotional t-shirts.

Fundraisers and Charity Events

Large gatherings like fundraisers are great for company exposure as well, especially if your organization is throwing the event. Giving out hundreds of smaller promotional items will help you develop a better rapport with your guests and having bigger items like promotional tote bags or custom clothing as raffle prizes will stir up even more interest in your company.

Any advertising can be good advertising if it’s done carefully. Contact Tee Compressed today to learn more about custom t-shirts and other promotional items that can help grow your company.

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